VANguard is a whole of government program delivered by the Department of Industry and Science. VANguard, together with AUSkey, is the Australian Government’s preferred authentication solution for secure business to government (B2G) and government to government (G2G) transactions.

The VANguard Solution

VANguard allows business users to conduct secure online transactions with federal, state or local government agencies using a digital credential. It enables a government agency to accept a business user's digital credential and then direct that credential to VANguard for authentication. VANguard verifies the digital signature and validates the certificate using an appropriate certification authority within a secure environment.

The VANguard Solution Diagram


Advantages of using VANguard for government

  • Access to a dedicated, whole of government infrastructure for conducting secure business, eliminating the requirement for costly duplication of authentication solutions across government agencies.
  • Confidence that their business customers can interact in a secure manner.
  • Flexibility to accept a range of previously established digital credentials including AUSkey, Medicare and VeriSign.
  • Insulates agencies from the technology used to authenticate business users.
  • Eliminates the requirement for agencies to manage Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) credentials.
  • Independent, verifiable evidence of the date and time an electronic transaction occurred.

Advantages of using VANguard for business

  • Access to a single whole of government service for conducting business with multiple government agencies.
  • Ability to digitally sign and submit forms, at a time and place convenient to them.
  • Ability to interact with government in a secure environment, with assurance of each other's identity.
  • Ability to use one credential to deal with different government agencies.

See our Benefits page for more information on the advantages of VANguard.