Our videos contain information and demonstrations on VANguard's services, including our Federated Authentication Service (FAS), Signature Verification Service (SVS), Timestamping Service (TSS), User Authentication Service (UAS) and Security Token Service (STS).

Our suite of demonstration videos and their text transcripts are available below.

See Our Services page for more information on each of VANguard's services.

Visit our Contact Us page for information on how you can integrate with VANguard's services.

Federated Authentication Service (FAS)

View the Federated Authentication Service Demo Transcript

Signature Verification Service (SVS)

View the Signature Verification Service Demo Transcript

Timestamping Service (TSS)

View the Timestamping Service Demo Transcript

User Authentication Service (UAS)

View the User Authentication Service Demo Transcript

Security Token Service (STS)

View the Security Token Service Demo Transcript