Federated Authentication Service (FAS)

VANguard’s Federated Authentication Service (FAS) allows users logged on to their own agency's network to authenticate and then use web applications in another agency. Authentication occurs transparently without additional credentials or software being required on the user's computer.

Benefits of FAS include:

  • User access to a web application in another agency.
  • User access can be managed by service desk staff - reducing administrative effort.
  • Authentication for a multi-agency web application to appear within another agency's network.
  • Interaction securely online with users in other agencies.
  • Use of VANguard services for authentication rather than agencies having to build their own solution - reducing development costs.
  • Use of a single digital credential for an agency rather than an individual credential for each user - further reducing deployment costs and effort.


  • A business user, logged in to their own agency's network (Agency A), attempts to access a web application hosted by another agency (Agency B).
  • The web application asks VANguard to identify the user.
  • VANguard identifies the user's Agency and requests the user's identity from its Identity Management Systems (IDMS).
  • The Agency IDMS identifies the user to VANguard.
  • VANguard establishes the authenticity and origin of the information and creates an identity for the user. This is comprised of the identity of the Agency and the identity of the user within the Agency.
  • The composite identity is presented by VANguard to Agency so it can allow access to the user.


Visit our Demos page for a video demonstration on our Federated Authentication Service (FAS).