UAS Login

VANguard’s User Authentication Service (UAS) verifies a business user's online identity so that they can access secure government agency websites using a single login.

UAS enables business and agencies to interact securely online with assurance of each other's identity.


  • A business user requests access to a secure service on a government agency website. The agency requires the user to be authenticated using a digital credential to login before accessing the website.
  • The user is redirected to the UAS webpage and is prompted for their digital credential. UAS verifies the digital credential and establishes their identity.
  • UAS sends a response digitally to the agency containing the user's identity and returns the user back to the agency website.
  • The agency uses the UAS response identifying the user to provide the business user access to the secure service on the agency website.


Visit our Demos page for a video demonstration on our User Authentication Service (UAS).