UAS - Single Sing On ServiceVANguard’s User Authentication Service Single Sign-On (SSO) feature allows an authenticated business user access to SSO compliant agency websites without challenging the business user for their credential multiple times.

SSO allows the agencies to trust the identity of the business user behind the scenes, while offering the business user a seamless, secure, integrated experience.


  • A business user requests access to a secure service on a government agency website.
  • The agency requires the user to be authenticated using a digital credential before accessing the website.
  • The user is redirected to VANguard's User Authentication Service (UAS) and is prompted for their digital credential.
  • UAS verifies the digital credential to confirm the identity of the user.
  • UAS sends a response to the agency confirming the user’s identity and returns the user to the agency website.
  • The agency provides the user with access to the secure service.
  • The user accesses another agency's website that requires authentication to access the secure service.
  • VANguard verifies the current authenticated credential and provides the user with access to the secure service.


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